Home Maintenance & Improvements Price Guide
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Last updated: 5 December 2023

Home Maintenance & Improvements Price Guide

The goal of this section of the site is to answer the questions below about each home improvement or household job.

How much should the job cost me? We factor in the size of your home and the area you live in. As you will be aware, the same job in London will probably cost more than in the north of the country.

Is it worth trying to DIY? We look at any possible dangers doing a particular job yourself and any other problems it may present. For example, fitting windows yourself can invalidate the manufacturer warranty in some cases.

How long should the job take? We look to discuss the length of time a job may take and the disruption it may cause, so you can plan in advance. For example, if you are having a new bathroom fitted, it may be better to do it whilst you go on holiday.

Is there anything else I should look out for? Unfortunately, there are tradespeople and big companies that may not be giving you the best value for your money and worst yet even trying to charge well in excess of what is reasonable. We look at the unscrupulous tactics that some may try on you, so you are prepared in advance!

You can scroll down to see the list of topics that we cover:


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Solar Panels

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Rewiring cost
Scaffolding cost
Cost of extension

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For years, the Household Quotes Team has been the trusted partner for homeowners and tenants throughout the UK, ensuring they never overpay for essential home improvements. Whether it’s a malfunctioning boiler or the need for new windows, we believe that everyone should have access to affordable home maintenance. Our goal is to make it easier for you to keep your home nice without breaking the bank.