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Last updated: 10 November 2023

Combi or Conventional Boiler: Which Is The Best For Your Home?

Combi vs conventional boiler

Boilers lie at the heart of your central heating system. That is why it is crucial that you pick the right boiler type for your home. In this article, we help you consider whether a combi or conventional boiler would be a suitable option for you. 

Understanding how combi and conventional boilers work is an integral part of deciding which boiler type is right for your home. In this article, you can learn more about: 

  • How combi and conventional boilers work
  • How much combi and conventional boilers cost
  • The advantages and disadvantages of both boiler types
  • How to find the best boiler for your home

If you decide that you are ready to install a combi or conventional boiler in your home, the next step is finding a trusted heating engineer for the job. Looking for an installer can be a time-consuming process that involves hours, or even days, of research. Thankfully, you do not have to go through this alone. We work with a broad network of reputable installers based across the country and can help you get in touch with them hassle-free. 

Fill in our 1-minute form to request quotes for new combi or conventional boilers and installation services from up to 3 local heating engineers. You can then easily compare prices to find the best deal for your home and choose the specialist you want to work with. 

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What are combi and conventional boilers?

Since a boiler is an integral part of your home heating system, you will want to know more about how it works. The kind of boiler you have will determine the quality of your heating and hot water supply, which is why you must ensure that you pick the right appliance for your energy needs.

When it comes to combi boilers, they heat up your home and supply hot water from a single, compact unit. When you turn on your heating or want to use hot water, the fuel your boiler runs on ignites. This process heats up water inside heat exchangers and after that, the water travels through pipes to your taps or radiators. 

Combi boilers are a great option for small to medium-sized homes, as they can warm them up efficiently and with minimal use of space in the house. 

Conventional boilers, also known as regular boilers, on the other hand, require additional elements for the heating system to function. Alongside the boiler itself, you will need a water storage tank, which is generally housed in the loft, and a hot water cylinder. To heat up your home, cold water from the storage tank is transferred to the boiler and warmed up in heat exchangers. The hot water is then stored in the hot water cylinder for use. 

Because they require these additional components, conventional boilers are best suited for larger homes with plenty of space. This heating system might also be able to better attend to the energy needs of a larger home than a combi boiler, which cannot respond as well to high energy demands. 

To help you get a clearer understanding of the main differences between combi boilers and conventional boilers, in particular when it comes to new boiler prices, we have listed the specifications of each in the table below:

Combi vs Conventional Boilers
SpecificationsCombi BoilerConventional Boiler
Price range£500-£3,000£500-£3,250
Running Cost£650-£1,450£600-£1,900
Home SizeSmall-MediumMedium-Large

Combi boiler versus conventional boiler costs

Because central heating prices, which also include boilers, vary so greatly depending on the kind of system you choose, you will want to know more about the cost differences of combi and conventional boilers. 

One of the main factors that affect the total cost of a new boiler, alongside the type of boiler you opt for, is the boiler manufacturer you choose. To give you a better idea of the price differences, we have compiled a list of costs for some of the most popular boiler brands on the market. The list includes both combi boiler prices and conventional boiler costs. 

Below you can find an overview of the estimated Baxi boiler cost, Ideal boiler cost, Worcester Bosch boiler cost, Vaillant boiler cost, and Viessmann boiler cost for both conventional and combi boilers. These figures are for boilers that use gas as fuel and exclude installation costs.

Boiler brands
Combi and Conventional Boiler Cost Per Boiler Brand
Boiler BrandCombi Boiler CostConventional Boiler Cost
Worcester Bosch£800-£2,400£700-£2,300

It is important to keep in mind that when opting for a combi or conventional boiler, you also need to consider the costs of keeping your appliance running. Below you can find out more about combi vs. conventional boiler running costs, to get a clearer image of the expenses involved for each boiler type.

Combi versus conventional boiler running costs

Now that you have a clearer image of the supply costs of combi and conventional boilers, you are probably wondering: which is cheaper to run – a combi or a conventional boiler?

The running costs for each kind of boiler will depend primarily on the fuel your appliance uses. In the table below, you can find the estimated running costs for combi and conventional boilers per fuel type.

Combi vs Conventional Boiler Running Costs
Fuel TypeCombi Boiler Running Costs (Annual)Conventional Boiler Running Costs (Annual)
Combi vs conventional boiler running costs

In need of more information regarding fuel types for combi and conventional boilers? The best way to find out the exact costs for new boilers is to consult a heating engineer. They can advise you on the best boiler option for you and provide you with prices tailored to your home. 

Finding a trusted specialist is a difficult task when done alone. You would be spending hours browsing through reviews of installation companies, with no guarantee that you will find the right one for you. Fortunately, you can avoid this tedious research with our 1-minute form!

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Pros and cons of combi boilers and conventional boilers

It is only natural that you would want to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each boiler type before committing to one for your home. So, you might be wondering: are combi boilers better than conventional boilers? To help you answer this question, we offer you a rundown of the pros and cons of these two boiler types below.

Advantages of combi boilers and conventional boilers

Pros combi vs conventional boilers

One of the advantages that combi and conventional boilers have in common is that they both have a lifespan of up to 25 years with the proper care and maintenance. This means that you will enjoy the benefits of your home heating system for years to come, regardless of the boiler type you opt for. 

At the same time, both kinds of boilers are highly efficient and will be able to attend to your heating needs. However, when choosing between a combi and a conventional boiler you should be mindful of the size of your home. To make the most of your heating system, you should choose your boiler based on how large your house is and what your energy requirements are. 

Disadvantages of combi boilers and conventional boilers

Cons combi vs conventional boilers

Both boiler types can encounter difficulties with tending to your energy needs, especially when it comes to your hot water supply. At the same time, a disadvantage that is worth considering is the large amount of space a conventional boiler takes up in your home. You must also keep in mind that the additional components of this boiler type will also result in higher costs, which might be disadvantageous to you. So, if you are looking for a cheap heating system, a conventional boiler might not be ideal.

Having trouble weighing the pros and cons of combi and conventional boilers by yourself? The best way to determine which option is most suitable for your home is to reach out to a heating engineer. They can offer advice tailored to your energy consumption requirements, as well as provide exact prices for a new boiler installation. 

If you are ready to consult a heating engineer, we are here to help you get the process started. We work with a broad network of reputable installers and can put you in touch with them in no time. All you have to do is fill in our 1-minute form and request quotes from up to 3 local heating engineers. You can then find the best deal for your home and choose the right installer to work with. 

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Why replace a conventional boiler with a combi boiler?

Combi vs conventional boiler replacement

If you are willing to go through the rather complex process of a more extensive heating system upgrade, you will want to consider replacing your conventional boiler with a new combi boiler. 

The main advantages of switching from a conventional boiler to a combi boiler are the improved energy efficiency that comes with a combi boiler and the fact that your heating system will take up less space in your home

However, you will want to give this replacement some serious thought before taking the next step in upgrading your heating system. You should also consider whether swapping a conventional boiler with a combi one is feasible in terms of your energy consumption requirements and your budget. 

As an estimate, you can expect an upgrade from a conventional to a combi boiler to cost around £2,500-£4,500. This is quite an expense, as it involves additional labour, such as adjusting the pipework in your home and removing the additional parts of your old conventional boiler. Nevertheless, this switch might be worthwhile for your home, especially when considering the improved energy efficiency it will bring. 

Combi or conventional boiler: which one is right for you?

Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of how combi and conventional boilers work, how they differ, and what costs you can expect when installing one of these appliances in your home. However, even with this information, you might still be unsure about which boiler type is right for you. 

Before choosing your new boiler, you will need to establish your energy requirements and consider how much space you have in your home for your heating system. You will also need to factor in the expenses involved in installing a new conventional or combi boiler. 

Combi vs conventional boiler checklist

Still unsure whether a conventional boiler or a combi boiler is the right choice for your home? The best thing you can do in this case is to consult a heating engineer who can advise you on the best option for your home.

We know that busy homeowners such as yourself do not have time to look for a trusted installer. The lengthy research process can take days and leave you frustrated if you don’t find the right heating engineer to work with. We’re here to help you avoid any potential disappointment. 

Simply fill in our 1-minute form to get in touch with up to 3 local installers vetted by us. This way, you can request quotes and compare prices to find the right installer to advise you on your project and find the best deal for your home. 

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