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Last updated: 17 November 2023

Triple Glazed Windows Cost: Prices in the UK (2023)

Triple Glazed Window Costs

One of the oft-neglected aspects of keeping your heating costs down is how well you manage the thermal efficiency of your windows. While standard double glazing is fine in most cases, you can always go a step further with triple glazing. Triple glazed windows cost around £440 to £1,430 for a single window on average, but this can vary based on type and material.

In rare cases, they can cost less while higher quality windows can be priced upwards of £3,000. Let’s look at prices and some factors that can affect triple glazed window costs in the UK and whether they are the right choice for you.

But first, if you’re looking for windows quotes or better glazing, you’ll need to reach out to an installer. How much triple glazing installers cost can vary depending on the company you contact, which is why it’s important to find one you can trust. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to contact companies, assess their services, gather prices, and compare their numbers, which can take days. Luckily, our service can do all of that for you while you sit back and relax.

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The cost of triple glazing in the UK

Triple glazed window prices in the UK

Triple glazed window prices in the UK can vary in terms of material and design type, among other factors. The full price ranges for uPVC, aluminium, and wood windows are shown below.

How much are triple glazed windows in the UK?
MaterialCost of window
uPVC£390 – £2,025
Aluminium£950 – 3,525
Wood£585 – £3,350

Let’s dive deeper into each material and how costs can vary in terms of design.

Types of window designs

uPVC triple glazed windows prices

uPVC is one of the most affordable materials for windows. Increasingly popular in the UK due to their price and low maintenance, uPVC triple glazed windows are generally the least costly. This can be a decent trade-off where relatively low prices meet higher thermal efficiency than those of double glazed windows.

uPVC requires virtually no maintenance except the occasional cleaning. It is not prone to warping unlike other materials so it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Despite being non-biodegradable it is also recyclable since it can be repurposed for other products.

Despite its advantages, there are a few reasons uPVC can be less desirable. Since triple glazed windows are more expensive, you may want them to be a one-time investment. In that case, despite its durability, uPVC does not last very long. It may need to be replaced within 20 years. Moreover, companies generally provide warranties of roughly 10 years for uPVC.

As a material, it can also be less aesthetically pleasing (although that is subjective). It may not look great in every home setup and coloured uPVC windows can cost a bit more.

uPVC triple glazed window prices
Type of WindowEstimated Cost Per WindowAverage price per window
Casement £390 – £495£442
Tilt & Turn £715 – £900£808
Sash£780 – £1,125£953
Bay (3 panels)£1,560 – £2,025£1,792

Triple glazed wooden window prices

Timber or wooden windows can be fairly pricey but there are many reasons consumers opt for them over other materials. For one thing, with proper maintenance, they can last almost a century while still being functional. They also have excellent thermal insulation which, coupled with triple glazing, is probably the best kind of window you could have for keeping the heating bills at bay.

Triple glazed wooden windows can benefit from being highly eco-friendly (if the wood supply is sourced and managed sustainably). Wood is entirely recyclable, saps less heating costs, and is long-lasting. On top of that, they have a great look that makes them highly desirable. Although the average wood window price is quite high, with proper maintenance they can literally last over a human lifetime.

However, there are a few drawbacks to wooden windows that bear mentioning. They require maintenance and polishing otherwise they can possibly rot from moisture or wear and tear. They could also succumb to termite infestation if you’re not careful. Aside from that, the high cost of wooden windows often scares off many customers.

Wooden triple glazed window prices
Type of WindowEstimated Cost Per WindowAverage price per window
Casement £950 – £1,115£1,033
Tilt & Turn £1,060 – £1,350 £1,205
Sash£1,170 – £1,690£1,430
Bay (3 panels)£2,340 – £3,350£2,845

Aluminium triple glazed windows prices

Aluminium windows often serve as a good mid-price alternative to wooden and uPVC. With a sleek, modern look, aluminium has a lot going for it as a material. It can be fairly long-lasting and, thanks to thermal breaks that come with most modern windows, it can have decent insulation as well.

Its look may not blend in with every type of house, but more contemporary designs tend to pull it off well. Aluminium sports high durability while also being lightweight, which makes it ideal for thin-frame windows. Aluminium is also highly recyclable and does not lose any of its positive properties in the process.

On the other hand, aluminium can succumb to issues pertaining to condensation, such as the formation of mould. This can be avoided with adequate temperature control inside the house but may be worth keeping in mind if this is not convenient for you or your location. While aluminium doesn’t rust, it can corrode over time. Many modern windows are fairly resistant to this chemical reaction so it may not be an issue.

Triple glazing prices: aluminium
Type of WindowEstimated Cost Per WindowAverage price per window
Casement £780 – £900£840
Tilt and turn£900 – £1,125£1,013
Sash£975 – £1,410£1,193
Bay (3 panels)£1,545 – £2,535 £2,040

uPVC Casement windows tend to be the cheapest triple glazed models at an average of £442 with tilt and turn coming second, priced at £808. The average wooden sash window price is the highest for a single-window model (at least among the most common designs). Naturally, every bay window price will be higher (regardless of material) simply because the design requires multiple panels.

If these prices seem worrying, there are always options for installing windows on finance. Another option is to opt for secondary glazing. Secondary glazing prices are cheaper than double-glazing but may not be as effective in terms of insulation.

It’s worth noting that all these prices are estimates. To get a more accurate assessment of the prices you’ll end up paying, you should consult multiple installers. However, finding even one trustworthy professional can be a difficult task that takes days of research, let alone contacting multiple companies and assessing their prices. So, why do it alone when we can help out?

Our service can provide you with up to 4 free, non-binding quotes and all you have to do is fill out a quick 30-second form. We’ve thoroughly vetted every installer in our network so you can be sure that you’re getting only the best ones. Click the button below to get started.

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Factors affecting triple glazing cost

Factors Affecting Triple Glazing Cost
  • Materials

The cost of windows is primarily affected by the materials used in making them. However, any cost calculation should also take into account how materials affect thermal efficiency and heating costs.

Some materials can also last longer making them a better investment in terms of future replacement costs, which can be crucial in making the most of your investment if you’re already paying for triple glazing. Wooden windows can be more difficult to install but may save money in the long run and last longer, for example.

  • Type of window

The design of a window can cost you more in terms of materials but also in terms of labour costs. Another cost to consider is whether you are requesting a change of window from one design to another, which can require the removal and addition of components, all of which add to the window replacement costs.

  • Size

Triple glazing prices can be about £450 to £620 per square metre but installers tend not to give exact prices till they visit the home and examine windows, so prices may vary wildly. Triple glazing costs rise exponentially with size.

What’s the cost of triple glazing a three-bed house in the UK?

Cost of triple glazing a 3-bed house in the UK
Number of WindowsuPVCAluminiumTimber
1£442 – £953 (per window)£840 – £1,193 (per window)£1,033 – £1,430 (per window)
6£2,652 – £5,718£5,040 – £7,158£6,198 – £8,580
7£3,094 – £6,671£5,880 – £8,351£7,231 – £10,010
8£3,536 – £7,624£6,720 – £9,544£8,265 – £11,440
9£3,978 – £8,577£7,560 – £10,737£9,298 – £12,870
10£4,420 – £9,530£8,400 – £11,930£10,332 – £14,300

If you want to improve the glazing in your house by adding another layer, prices can differ. The average triple glazing cost per m2 can be around £450 to £650, although this number is not a certain figure. Numerous factors go into switching a double glazed window with a triple glazed one, so it would be up to the installer.

Triple glazing vs double glazing

Triple glazing vs double Glazing

While double and triple glazing are both viable options in their own right, they have some key differences that set them apart. First, there are the prices:

Triple glazing prices vs double glazing prices
Casement £390 – £495£250 – £350 £780 – £900£375 – £570£950 – £1,115£850 – £950
Sash£780 – £1,125£600 – £750£975 – £1,410£750 – £940£1,170 – £1,690£900 – £1,125
Tilt & Turn £715 – £900£550 – £600£900 – £1,125£690 – £750£1,060 – £13,50£850 – £950
Bay£1,560 – £2,025£1,200 – £1,350£1,545 – £2,535 £1,500 – £1,690 £2,340 – £3,350£1,800 – £2,025

The average cost of triple glazed windows in the UK is about 30% to 40% higher than that of the average double glazing price. Triple glazing prices can be about £450 to £620 per square metre but these are estimates since installers tend not to give exact prices till they visit the home and examine windows.

Aside from comparing prices one also has to examine whether they may benefit from triple glazing or whether it may just end up costing more needlessly. If you live in a cold region with extreme temperatures, there is a higher chance triple glazing is the right option for you. However, double glazing might be good enough for stable temperature regions.

Aside from the difference in temperatures, triple glazing also allows for better noise cancellation and minimises condensation. However, while that extra layer has advantages, it can also have drawbacks such as letting in less heat from the sun when needed.

While triple glazed windows are more durable, in the event that they do break, the repair costs will be higher. At the same time, their production also has a higher carbon footprint.

Get the best triple glazing prices for your household

So, how much does a triple glazed window cost? The average price sits at £440 to £1,300 but, depending on the window type, it can exceed this. That said, if you want to get an accurate price, you will have to contact an installer since every installation is different.

To get the best prices, we recommend consulting multiple installers, assessing their reliability, and fielding their offers. Finding a reliable professional can require days of research and judging prices to find the right one. Even then, that might not ensure a well-conducted installation. Why not let us handle the search and evaluation while you take it easy?

Our service can find you up to 4 free, non-binding quotes from trusted window installers in our network. That way you can be sure you’re getting the best prices and the best installers. Click the button below to get started.

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