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Last updated: 17 April 2024

Senior Stairlifts: Top Picks, Costs, Free Stairlifts

  • The most popular choices for stairlifts for seniors are: Stannah, Acorn and Handicare. All these brands provide various stairlift types like straight, curved, outdoor etc. 
  • On average, a stairlift for seniors can range from £2,000 to £8,000 in the UK. This depends on several factors such as the type of staircase (straight or curved), brand you choose and other customisations. 
  • Sometimes, seniors with particular medical requirements that render stair navigation challenging or hazardous may receive complimentary stairlifts from the NHS. They may also receive grants and financial assistance from local councils in certain situations. 

Navigating stairs can become challenging as we age, but with the right assistance, seniors can maintain independence and safety in their homes. Stairlifts for the elderly are a popular solution, providing ease of movement between floors. In the UK, various options exist, ranging from premium models to schemes offering free or subsidised installations for those in need.

In this guide, we'll explore the top picks for senior stairlifts, consider the associated costs, and examine opportunities for accessing free stairlifts in the UK. By addressing these key points, seniors and their families can gain a comprehensive understanding of the options available when considering stairlifts in the UK, ensuring they find a solution that suits their needs and budget while promoting independence and safety at home.

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Suitable stairlifts for seniors

Choosing a suitable stairlift for seniors in the UK involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure safety, comfort, and compatibility with their specific needs. Stairlifts are essential mobility aids for individuals with limited mobility, allowing them to navigate stairs independently and safely within their homes. 

Before you buy a stairlift, it is necessary to decide which specific type (seating, standing, curved etc.) you require. Here's a list of suitable stairlift options specifically recommended for seniors:

Straight Stairlifts

  • Acorn Stairlifts: Known for their reliability and ease of use, Acorn offers a range of straight stairlifts designed specifically for seniors.
  • Handicare: Handicare's straight stairlifts come with various safety features and customization options, ensuring comfort and convenience for elderly users.

Curved Stairlifts

  • Stannah Stairlifts: Stannah is a reputable brand offering curved stairlifts tailored to fit the unique layout of each staircase, providing seamless mobility for seniors.
  • Bruno Stairlifts: Bruno's curved stairlifts combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, catering to seniors with curved or intricate staircases.

Reconditioned Stairlifts

  • Companion Stairlifts: Companion offers reconditioned stairlifts that undergo rigorous testing and refurbishment, providing cost-effective solutions for seniors on a budget.
  • Platinum Stairlifts: Platinum specialises in reconditioned stairlifts, offering quality products at competitive prices, ideal for elderly individuals seeking affordability without compromising on quality.

Rental Stairlifts

  • ThyssenKrupp Access: ThyssenKrupp Access provides rental stairlift options suitable for short-term needs or temporary mobility assistance for seniors recovering from injuries or surgeries.
  • Homeadapt Stairlifts: Homeadapt offers rental stairlift solutions tailored to seniors' requirements, providing flexibility and convenience without the long-term commitment of purchasing.

Standing Stairlifts

  • Handicare Stairlifts: Handicare offers standing stairlift options suitable for seniors who have difficulty sitting or bending, providing a secure and comfortable way to navigate stairs.
  • Platinum Stairlifts: Platinum's standing stairlifts are designed with safety and stability in mind, allowing elderly users to maintain an upright position while ascending or descending stairs.

Seating Stairlifts

  • Stannah Stairlifts: Stannah's seating stairlifts feature ergonomic designs and customizable options, ensuring optimal comfort and support for elderly individuals during use.
  • Acorn Stairlifts: Acorn's seating stairlifts come with padded seats and adjustable features, accommodating seniors of varying heights and preferences.

These recommended stairlift options cater specifically to the needs of seniors, offering reliable, comfortable, and safe solutions for maintaining independence and mobility at home. Elderly individuals who cannot utilise a stair lift might explore other options like constructing a ramp, moving to a one-story home, or relying on help from caregivers or relatives when dealing with stairs. 

How much do senior stairlifts cost?

Stairlifts prices can vary widely depending on several factors including the type of staircase, features, brand, and any customisation required. Here's a breakdown of the costs associated with senior stairlifts, including average prices for different type of low to high end stairlifts: 

Type of stairliftAverage cost range (GBP)
Straight Stairlifts£2,000 - £4,000
Curved Stairlifts£4,000 - £8,000
Reconditioned Stairlifts£1,000 - £3,000
Rental Stairlifts (Monthly)£50 - £150
These costs are averages. Get a local installer to QUOTE now!

There are many stairlift companies in the UK that offer a huge range of products. You can choose a stairlift according to your needs and budget. Here are three affordable stairlift options suitable for seniors:

Handicare 950 Straight Stairlift

Handicare offers a budget-friendly straight stairlift designed to provide reliable and comfortable mobility assistance for seniors with simple staircase configurations. The average cost for Handicare stairlifts start from £2,000

Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift

Acorn's 130 model is known for its affordability and ease of installation, making it an excellent choice for seniors on a budget who require a straight stairlift solution. The price for this starts from £1,800

Companion Simplicity Straight Stairlift

Companion's Simplicity model offers a cost-effective option for seniors seeking a reconditioned straight stairlift without compromising on quality or safety. Companion’s reconditioned stairlift prices start from £1,500

It's important for seniors to consider their budget, mobility needs, and preferences when selecting a stairlift, weighing the costs against the features and benefits offered by each option to ensure they find a suitable solution that fits their requirements and financial situation.

Can the elderly get free stair lifts?

Yes, seniors in certain circumstances may be eligible to receive free stairlifts through various channels. Here are some options and qualifications for obtaining free stairlifts for seniors:

NHS (National Health Service)

In some cases, the NHS may provide free stairlifts to seniors who have specific medical needs that make stairs difficult or unsafe to navigate. This typically requires a referral from a healthcare professional, such as a doctor or occupational therapist, who will assess the individual's mobility requirements.

Local council grants

Many local councils offer grants or financial assistance programs to help seniors and disabled individuals make necessary adaptations to their homes, including the installation of stairlifts. Eligibility criteria vary by council, but typically focus on factors such as income, disability status, and the individual's ability to safely remain in their home without modifications.

Charitable organisations

Some charities and non-profit organizations may offer free or subsidised stair lift installations for seniors in need. These organizations often have specific eligibility criteria based on factors such as income, medical condition, or geographic location.

Social services or disability benefits

Seniors who receive social services or disability benefits may qualify for assistance with the cost of a stairlift through government-funded programs. Eligibility is typically based on factors such as income, disability status, and the individual's ability to safely navigate their home without assistance.

Consulting with healthcare professionals, social workers, or local government agencies can help seniors determine the best course of action for accessing the assistance they need.

Find suitable stair lifts for seniors near you

Finding suitable stairlifts for seniors near you can greatly improve mobility and independence. Here's how you can find the right stairlifts and get quotes tailored to your needs:

  • Research local providers: Start by researching stairlift providers in your area. Look for companies that specialise in mobility solutions for seniors and have a good reputation for quality products and service.
  • Check online directories: Use online directories or search engines to find stairlift providers near you. Look for companies that are certified with positive reviews and ratings from previous customers.
  • Get recommendations: Ask friends, family, or healthcare professionals for recommendations on stairlift providers they trust. Personal referrals can often lead to finding reputable companies that offer excellent service.
  • Request quotes: Once you've identified a few potential stairlift providers, reach out to them to request quotes. Provide details about your staircase configuration, any specific features you need, and your budget constraints.
  • Compare options: Compare the quotes you receive from different providers, taking into account factors such as price, product features, warranty coverage, and installation timelines.

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