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Last updated: 3 June 2024

How Much Do Air Source Heat Pumps Cost In The UK? (2024)

Air Source Heat Pump Cost

Air source heat pump costs in the UK range from £7,000 - £20,000, including installation costs. An air source heat pump is a renewable heating system that generates energy from the outside air to provide heating, cooling, and hot water to your property. 

There are several benefits to installing a new air source heat pump. They are highly efficient and they are suitable for all types of buildings, no matter how old it is. Depending on the efficiency of your existing heating system, you could also save money up to  £1,110 in monthly heating costs.

One of the main barriers to heat pumps being adopted more widely across the UK is their high upfront costs. That's why the UK Government has initiated various grants and incentives to increase their uptake in UK homes. 

In this guide, we'll delve deeper into air source heat pump costs- how much they cost to install (with and without government support), how much they cost to run, and the many factors that affect their costs overall. 

But first, are you aware of where to find the best air source heat pump installation companies in your area? 

By comparing multiple installation quotes, you can be sure that you're receiving a good deal. However, the search for the best installer can leave many people spending hours of time and effort to narrow down their options. 

To make this process easier, use Household Quotes! Our service connects you directly with up to 4 of the most suitable installers in your local area. You can then compare their tailored quotes and make your choice without any of the hassle. 

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How much do air source heat pumps cost?

A new air source heat pump costs between £3,500 and £15,000, supply only. Total costs, including supply and installation, can go up to £20,000. 

Air source heat pumps are one of the most popular renewable heating systems available today because of their versatility and relatively low-costs compared to ground source heat pumps, which can go up to £45,000, including ground source heat pump borehole costs.

An important determining cost factor is the brand of heat pump that you choose. Different brands have different price points based on their reputation, special features, output range, and warranty cover. 

Below we've provided some general air source heat pump supply cost estimates, according to the heat pump brand. 

Air source heat pump brands
BrandSizesSupply cost
Daikin2 - 16kW£4,500 – £9,000
Samsung4 - 16kW£5,000 –£12,000
NIBE6 - 16kW£3,500 - £11,000
Viessmann4 - 16kW£5,000 - £12,500
Worcester Bosch4 - 30kW£8,000 – £15,000

These costs are estimates. Get a local installer QUOTE now!

Air to air heat pump costs

Air to air source heat pumps tend to cost between £1,500 - £3,500 for supply and installation. 

Air to water heat pumps, where heat is transferred to a central heating system through water pipes, can cost considerably more than an air to air heat pump, where heat is transferred to the air in your home through fan coil units, "blowers", which blast hot air into your home. 

They can also blow the warm air back outside your home, meaning it can be used as air conditioning. The reason why air to air units cost so much less is they cannot provide hot water through your central heating system. 

What are the air source heat pump installation costs?

Including supply and installation, air source heat pumps tend to cost between £7,000 - £20,000. Altogether the total cost of your new heat pump will depend on the brand you choose, the size of the heat pump you need, and the ease of installation. 

How much does it cost to fit a heat pump in the UK?
Household SizeSupply CostAverage Installation CostTotal Cost
3 - 6 bedrooms£3,500 – £15,000£3,500 - £5,000£7,000 - £20,000

These costs are estimates. Get a local installer QUOTE now!

Air source heat pump installation costs tend to cost £3,500 - £6,500 for 2-4 days work. The length of the installation project is often decided by how large your house is - with larger homes requiring some additional time, parts and labour. 

The estimates above also assume that your home is well insulated, with suitable hot water storage and central heating that the heat pump can operate alongside. If your home requires any of these, then the total installation costs will be higher, ranging up to nearly £40,000 if all these components were to be added. 

Take a look at the table for a more detailed breakdown of these potential additional installation costs. 

How much does it cost to fit a heat pump in the UK?
Installation CostSupply Cost
Heat pump unit £3,500 – £15,000
Material & labour (2-4 days)£3,500 - £5,000 
Hot water cylinder£1,000 - £1,500
Insulation £500 - £3,000
Radiator upgrades£2,000 - £6,000

These costs are estimates. Get a local installer QUOTE now!

Considering all these potential extra installation costs, it's important that you find the best deal possible from a reputable installer. To do this, we recommend that you collect quotes from at least 3 installation companies, then compare them and choose the most competitive offer. 

Rather than spending countless hours searching online for the best options, let us at Household Quotes connect you with up to 4 of the best heat pump installers in your area. All you have to do is fill in our 30-second inquiry form, then we'll use your details to find the most suitable options near you.

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What determines air source heat pump prices?

There are several important factors that will influence the total cost of air source heat pump installation, including heat pump size and efficiency. 

Let's take a look at these factors more closely, and how they impact new air source heat pump costs. 

Size of the air source heat pump

Standard heating demands for UK homes range between 5 - 16 kilowatts (kW).  Larger homes will require a more powerful air source heat pump, which is comparatively more expensive than those needed in smaller homes. 

Homes with 3 bedrooms, will likely require a 5 kilowatt (kW) heat pump, with an associated costs of £7,000 - £10,000. The largest homes with 5-6 bedrooms will require significantly more power, around 16kW, which will typically be priced between £18,000 - £20,000, including installation costs. 

The table below outlines this in more detail. 

Air source heat pump size + costs
Household SizeHeat Pump SizeSupply + Installation Cost
3 bedrooms5kW£7,000 - £10,000
4 bedrooms10kW£10,000 - £15,000
5-6 bedrooms16kW+£18,000 - £20,000

These costs are estimates. Get a local installer QUOTE now!

This table refers to the most suitable air source heat pump size for new builds in particular. Existing buildings may find that the quality of insulation and the age of the property impact the quality of heating their new heat pump is able to provide. 

Therefore, the new heat pump may need to provide more power to provide sufficient levels of heating and hot water, approximately 1.5kW more. As such, you may have to pay more for a more powerful model. 

You can also choose to retrofit your home with insulation measures that will allow your new heating system to operate at full capacity. 

Efficiency of the air source heat pump

Air source heat pumps typically come with a Coefficient of Performance (CoP) between 2.5 to 3.5. The higher the CoP, the more efficient the system is, and the more expensive it will be.

CoP measures the efficiency of a heat pump. It is decided by calculating the amount of power input needed (measured in British Thermal Units per hour) relative to the amount of power output (measured in Watts). 

An air source heat pump with a CoP of 3, for instance, can produce 3kWh of heat for every kW of electricity it uses. It's worth noting that, in practice, an air source heat pump's efficiency will depend on your home's outdoor climate. In especially cold climates, a heat pump will require more power to operate. 

Services and maintenance cost of an air source heat pump

The annual maintenance of a heat pump typically ranges from £100 to £200. Maintaining your home heat pump while in peak condition can prevent major malfunctions or breakages down the line and ensures consistent optimal performance. A heat pump cover is also worthwhile to maintain weather-resistance. 

When it comes to heat pump repairs, the average cost falls within the £500 to £600 range. Nevertheless, depending on the specific components, the expense can be as low as £150. On the other hand, extensive repairs may escalate to as much as £2,000.

Air source heat pump grants

Heat pump grants can significantly reduce the costs of your new air source heat pump. The following heat pump grants are currently available in the UK:

Boiler Upgrade Scheme

This £450 million government scheme offers a fixed grant of £7,500 off of both air source heat pumps and ground source heat pump costs to property owners in England and Wales. 

Those eligible must:

  • Own a home, small rental property, or private rental property in England or Wales.
  • Possess a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) without pending recommendations for loft or cavity wall insulation.
  • Not be replacing an existing low-carbon heating system; replacement is limited to fossil fuel heating systems (e.g., oil, gas, direct electric).
  • Installation capacity should be up to 45kWth, aligning with the typical capacity for the majority of UK properties.

Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO4)

This scheme offers cover for boiler repairs, insulation measures, and new low-carbon heating systems, like air source heat pumps. The amount of financial support you receive depends on your home's existing conditions. 

Those eligible must:

  • Receive government benefits, such as child benefits or income support.
  • Currently live in a home in a D-G energy efficiency band.
  • Own and live in your property, or live in privately rented accommodation.

Warmer Homes Scotland

This initiative by the Scottish Government provides funding for new heat pump installations, as well as energy efficiency upgrades to homes in Scotland. In most cases, upgrades are paid in full up to £10,000. For those asked to contribute to the upfront costs, an interest-free loan can be provided. 

To qualify for this grant, you must:

  • Be a homeowner or tenant with a private-sector landlord.
  • Have lived in the property for at least 1 year (unless you have a DS1500 certificate).
  • Live in a home with an energy rating of 67 or lower and a floor area not exceeding 230 square meters.
  • Live in a home that meets the tolerable living standard according to the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006. 
  • Not have received this funding in the past 5 years.

Home Energy Scotland Scheme

Scottish property owners who install renewables through this scheme can qualify for an interest-free loan of up to £17,500. You may also receive a cashback of up to 75%, depending on the type of renewable heating you install. 

To qualify for this scheme, consider the following:

  • Your loan can support two renewable energy systems per home, totaling up to £17,500 (including up to £7,500 in cash-back financing). 
  • Financing is available for energy storage systems, with a maximum of £6,000.
  • Cashback financing is an option for qualifying renewable heating technologies, covering up to 75% of the improvement's total cost or the requested amount, whichever is less, and not exceeding the specified maximum.
  • Your loan can fund only one entire house heating system.

Nest Scheme, Wales

The Welsh Government provides a range of free home energy efficiency improvements, including air source heat pumps through the Nest Scheme. 

Those eligible must: 

  • Live in a home that is inefficient and costly to heat, whether you own it or rent it from a private landlord (excluding council or housing association properties).
  • You or someone in your household receives a means-tested benefit.
  • You or someone in your household has a chronic respiratory, circulatory, or mental health condition with a low income.

If you find that you're not eligible for any of these heat pump grants, don't be put off! You can still save money by collecting heat pump quotes from various heat pump installers and choosing the most competitive offer. 

You can either spend countless hours of time on this, by researching the best installers in your area, or you can leave it to Household Quotes by using our free quotes service. It's simple: fill in our 30-second form then wait for responses from up to 4 of the most suitable options. 

All of the installers in our wide network have been pre-vetted by our team and we will only connect you with those based closest to you. This way you can be sure that you're comparing the most reputable options while taking advantage of the best local rates. 

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What are the running costs of an air source heat pump?

An air source heat pump with a CoP of 3 will consume 3,861kW of energy annually to provide enough energy for the average UK household, based on average heating demands of 12,000kW per year.

The current energy price cap level for electricity is 0.27p/kWh. Therefore, heating costs for the year with an air source heat pump will come to £1,042. 

Lastly, the daily standing charge for electricity is 0.53p per day. This brings the total running costs you can expect to pay to £1,235.45.

Air source heat pump running costs VS combi boiler running costs

Air Source Heat Pump Versus Combi Boiler

The average gas boiler has an efficiency of 82.5%. The amount of energy consumed by a combi boiler can be calculated as 12,000kW x 0.825 = 9,900kWh. 

With the price of gas currently sitting at 0.07p/kWh, the annual running costs come to £693. Including a daily standing charge of 0.30p, the total annual running costs becomes £802.50.  

Therefore, as things currently stand with the current price of energy, an air source heat pump will cost £432.95 more in annual running costs. 

Do bear in mind that these calculations are only meant to exemplify the potential difference in running costs between these heating systems and that the running costs you will have to pay could be affected by several other factors. 

How much can you save on your bills with an air source heat pump?

The potential savings you can earn from switching to an air source heat pump depend on the type of heating system you are replacing, as well as its efficiency. 

The table below shows the potential annual savings that a 3-bedroom semi-detached home can make with a new air source heat pump, according to their previous heating system. 

Air source heat pump size + costs
Heating systemPotential savings
G-rated gas boiler £295
A-rated gas boiler-£35
Old electric storage heaters£1,110
New electric storage heaters£790
G-rated oil boiler£550
A-rated oil boiler£115
Old LPG boiler£560
A-rated LPG boiler£150

Note: Savings apply to homes in England, Scotland and Wales (Oct 2023)

Source: The Energy Savings Trust 

Are air source heat pumps worth it?

Air source heat pumps are certainly worth the investment considering they're highly energy efficient, providing as much as 3-4 times the amount of energy for every kW a new system consumes. Because of this, heat pumps can save you money compared to the running costs of an outrated gas boiler. 

Since domestic heating and hot water are derived from the outside air, a renewable energy source, you can also drastically reduce your home's carbon footprint. This could be between 1,600 - 7,500kg per year, according to the Energy Savings Trust. 

While the initial upfront costs of an air source heat pump prevent a lot of homeowners from investing in one, with the help of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme you can save £7,500 on new air source heat pump installation costs. Some other grants in the UK also offer full cover to those who are eligible. 

Get the best air source heat pump prices in the UK

One of the best ways you can save money on installation, besides through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, is by comparing quotes from multiple heat pump installers. 

However, this can take several hours of research to make sure you're only comparing the most credible options. You could be waiting several days by the time you have quotes ready to compare. 

To help you along with this, let the team Household Quotes take care of finding installers for you. Here's how it works:

  1. Fill in the form: let us know a bit about what you're looking for and your location, using our quick 30-second form. 
  2. Wait to be contacted: You can expect to hear back from up to 4 installers within 48 hours. All of them are vetted by us and based in your local area.  
  3. Compare quotes: Get the best deal possible by comparing their quotes and choosing the most competitive offer. 

With Household Quotes, the process of installing a whole new heating system doesn't need to be stressful or taxing. Our service is free, fast, and you're under no obligation to accept any of the quotes you receive from us. 

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