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Becky Mckay


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  • Boilers
  • Environmental impact research
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar panels
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  • 100+ articles written
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  • Writing for Household Quotes since May 2023

About Becky

Becky is a long-time writer and passionate environmentalist. Her goal is to help people access simple advice to improve their home heating, tackle climate change and reduce energy costs.

Becky comes from the world of news and community radio, so she’s highly focused on our readers. She puts data and detail into every article, giving you the tools to solve any household issues.

With a few years of boiler writing under her belt, she is a go-to source for all things home heating! From understanding your boiler type to pairing it with solar panels, or discovering how a low-carbon heat pump can save you money, Becky has the answers.

She also spends time researching the environmental impact of everyday items, from kids’ toys to diamond production. Using the latest scientific insights, Becky hopes to help readers make informed decisions and raise awareness.

Dealing with problems around the house can be overwhelming! and unexpected issues with heating or plumbing can be particularly stressful. I believe finding answers should be simple and accessible to everyone, whether you prefer step-by-step fixes or just want quick access to professional help, I aim to bring that support and advice to you when you need it most – without all the complicated jargon!

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