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Last updated: 13 June 2024

Best Solar Battery Storage in the UK: Top 5 Expert Picks (2024)

Best solar batteries UK

Have you ever felt like you’re wasting some of the energy generated by your solar panels? Then, it’s worth considering pairing them with a solar battery. Solar batteries allow you to store excess energy generated by your system for later use. This comes in handy when it’s dark out or when there’s a power outage. 

If you’re interested in reaping these benefits, you’ll want to know what the best solar battery storage in the UK is. We’ve done the market research for you and compiled a list of the best solar batteries in 2024. These are:

  1. Tesla Powerwall 2: Best solar battery overall
  2. Generac PWRcell: Most efficient solar battery
  3. SunPower SunVault: Highest usable capacity
  4. Enphase IQ: Longest warranty period
  5. Alpha Smile5 ESS: Lowest solar battery price 

Below, you will find out more about each of these models, as we provide their technical specifications and advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, if you find yourself interested in installing one of these solar batteries, we can help you get that process started as well. 

Instead of browsing the internet for hours on end in search of a solar battery installer, let us put you in touch with reliable professionals from our network. All you have to do is fill in our 30-second form and you’ll receive quotes from up to 4 local installers. Our service is quick, easy, and completely free, so click below to get started now!

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1. Best solar battery overall: Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall

This rechargeable lithium-ion solar battery is one of the most popular solar batteries in the UK right now. Tesla Energy is renowned for its solar technology, with the Powerwall 2 having received stellar reviews for its efficiency, price-quality ratio, and long warranty period. This makes it one of the best solar batteries in the UK overall.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Specifications
Total capacity14kWh
Estimated cost£6,300 - £7,900
Depth of Discharge (DoD)97 - 100%
Warranty10 years

With these specs in mind, it’s good to note that the Tesla Powerwall can be a great option for any home. For medium to large homes, you can connect multiple units to ensure sufficient storage capacity. You can connect up to 10 batteries, allowing for a maximum storage capacity of 140kWh.

To determine whether the Tesla Powerwall 2 is the best solar battery for your home, be sure to carefully weigh its pros and cons:

Advantages of the Tesla Powerwall 2

  • High Depth of Discharge (DoD): Its high DoD ranging from 97 - 100% indicates that the Tesla Powerwall can power your home for longer before needing to be recharged fully.
  • Good price-quality ratio: While it isn’t exactly cheap, the Tesla Powerwall cost reflects the quality and reliability of the product. 
  • Long warranty period: The 10-year warranty is not only one of the highest on the market, but it also covers every component of the solar battery.
  • Compatible with existing solar panels: The Tesla Powerwall can be paired with any solar panels, meaning that you don’t need to make any adjustments to your system when installing your battery. 

Disadvantages of the Tesla Powerwall 2

  • Poor customer service: Customers have reported issues with the quality of the support they’ve received from Tesla. 
  • Lack of storage size options: The battery only comes in its standard 14kWh size, meaning that you have less flexibility when connecting multiple batteries based on your specific storage capacity needs. 
  • Requires professional installation: When installing the Powerwall 2, you’ll require the services of a Tesla-certified installer. 

2. Best efficiency: Generac PWRcell

Generac PWRcell

Generac has a reputation for providing high-quality clean energy solutions, as well as energy storage technologies. Their products are geared towards residential, as well as commercial and industrial use. Their PWRcell solar battery is one of their newer models that has quickly become well known as one of the best solar batteries when it comes to efficiency. 

Generac PWRcell Specifications
Total capacity9 - 18kWh
Estimated cost£8,000 - £10,000
Depth of discharge (DoD)84%
Warranty10 years

It’s good to know that this lithium-ion battery performs best at larger storage capacities, whereas its efficiency is somewhat lower for smaller storage capacity sizes. What this means is that, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your battery’s total capacity, you’d need a PWRcell with a higher capacity size. This may have an impact on your total expenses.

Advantages of the Generac PWRcell

  • Exceptional efficiency levels: With an efficiency rating of 96.5%, only as little as 3.5% of the electricity your solar panels generate gets lost in the storage process (compared to the average 10% lost with other models). 
  • Long warranty period: With a duration of 10 years, Generac’s impressive warranty guarantees the coverage of your PWRcell battery for a long time.
  • Modular design: With a variety of storage capacity size options, you can easily adjust the number of battery modules you require for your specific energy storage needs. 
  • Manufacturer reputation: With 65 years of experience when it comes to providing efficient energy solutions, Generac is a well-established presence on the solar technology market. 

Disadvantages of the Generac PWRcell

  • Lower Depth of Discharge: At 84%, the PWRcell has a lower DoD than other solar batteries available on the market. This can have potential implications for the battery’s expected lifespan. 
  • Higher costs: Compared to other models, the PWRcell is more expensive per unit. If you’re looking to install a series of multiple batteries, this could significantly impact your bank account. 
  • Installation limitations: The PWRcell isn’t compatible with existing solar systems, so it must be installed together with new solar panels.

3. Best usable capacity: SunPower SunVault


SunPower is one of the names that quickly comes up when homeowners are researching which solar panel is best. However, their solar batteries are no less popular. Their SunVault model is a lithium iron phosphate battery known for its durability and safe operation. 

SunPower SunVault Specifications
Total capacity13 - 52kWh
Estimated cost (per 13kWh)£10,000 – £16,500
Depth of discharge (DoD)92%
Warranty10 years

At the same time, what makes this one of the best solar batteries is its outstanding usable capacity. With various capacity sizes available and reaching up to 52kWh, the SunVault is an excellent option for any home, whether you have a low or high power solar system. 

Like other solar batteries, you can install a series of several batteries to attend to your household’s specific energy storage needs. 

Advantages of the SunPower SunVault

  • Outstanding usable capacity: Reaching storage capacity levels of up to 52kWh, the SunVault can provide a high power output to larger households with greater energy storage needs or for off-grid homes. 
  • Customisable series size: Since SunVault batteries come in a variety of sizes, installing several modules is made easy. This way, you can ensure that you get exactly the storage capacity size you require for your household.    
  • High product availability: SunPower products are highly popular globally, making them quite easily available to homeowners in the UK looking for a SunVault battery. 
  • Great warranty: Not only is the SunVault warranty available over a 10-year period, but, compared to other manufacturers whose warranties become void after a limited number of battery cycles, it covers unlimited cycles. 

Disadvantages of the SunPower SunVault

  • Incompatible with other solar systems: SunVault batteries can only function when paired with SunPower solar panels. This means that unless you have an existing SunPower system, you won’t be able to have this battery installed. 
  • Lower efficiency: With a round-trip efficiency of only 86%, you’ll lose up to 14% of the electricity generated by your solar panels with this battery. 
  • High costs: While the figures above are only estimates, the costs per 13kWh are significantly higher than the costs we’ve listed for other models. This means that for batteries with a 52kWh capacity, you could end up spending as much as £40,000 – £52,000. 

4. Best warranty: Enphase IQ

Enphase IQ

Like the other models mentioned in our list so far, Enphase IQ batteries have some of the most impressive characteristics in terms of performance. This lithium iron phosphate battery makes for the best solar battery in the UK when it comes to warranty. It comes with a standard 10-year warranty, which can be extended by 5 years depending on your needs. 

Enphase IQ Specifications
Total capacity3 - 10kWh
Estimated cost£6,700
Depth of discharge (DoD)96%
Warranty10 years

While their efficiency levels are comparable to most high-quality solar batteries on the market, the IQ range can’t compete in terms of total capacity per battery unit. As a result, they are most suitable for smaller homes, as they may be unable to adequately attend to the energy needs of larger households, even when installed in a series. 

Advantages of the Enphase IQ

  • Exceptional warranty: Enphase’s 10-year warranty for its IQ solar batteries is outstanding compared to other manufacturers, as it guarantees a 70% battery capacity by the end of the warranty period. They also offer an optional 5-year extension for increased coverage. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to other models, the Enphase IQ comes at a lower cost, making it a great option if you have a limited budget but still want to enjoy the benefits of a solar battery that performs well. 
  • Modular design: Like other batteries on the market nowadays, you can pair several Enphase IQ batteries to customise your system’s storage capacity based on your specific needs. 
  • Compatible with generators: The Enphase IQ can be paired with solar and gas generators, allowing you to increase the backup energy solutions for your home even more. 

Disadvantages of the Enphase IQ

  • Lower usable energy levels: In comparison to other solar batteries, the Enphase IQ range has limited storage capacity. As a result, you’ll be able to store and use less energy than you could with other models. 
  • Incompatible with other models: Unless you already have an Enphase solar inverter in place, this battery may not be compatible with some solar panel systems in the UK. In that case, you’d need to switch to one in order for your IQ battery to work. 
  • Cycle limit on the warranty: Even though it has an impressively long warranty, it comes with some limitations, as it only covers 4,000 charge and discharge cycles (which is less than what other manufacturers cover). 

5. Best cost: Alpha Smile5 ESS

Alpha Smile5 ESS

AlphaESS is one of the most popular manufacturers of energy storage solutions globally. Their best product in terms of solar battery price is the Smile5 ESS model. Not only is this lithium iron phosphate battery competitively priced at around £3,500 to £4,500 per unit, but it’s also comparable to the performance of other high-end models on the market.

Alpha Smile5 ESS Specifications
Total capacity3 - 10kWh
Estimated cost£3,500 – £4,500
Depth of discharge (DoD)90%
Warranty5 years

Additionally, while the usable capacity of a single battery only reaches up to 10kWh, you can connect up to 6 Smile5 ESS batteries in a series. This way, you can maximise your batteries’ capacity and reach up to 60kWh, depending on your energy consumption requirements. 

Advantages of the Alpha Smile5 ESS

  • Exceptional cost-effectiveness: With costs per unit ranging from £3,500 to £4,500, the Smile5 ESS is one of the most affordable solar batteries on the market today. 
  • Wide range of usable capacity: Even though it’s known for being a budget-friendly option, the Smile5 ESS still delivers great variety when it comes to its storage capacity sizes. 
  • Great efficiency levels: At 96%, this solar battery has excellent efficiency, especially for a product in its price range. 
  • Highly durable: With a lifespan of about 10 years and a guaranteed 10,000 cycles of charging and discharging, you can enjoy your Smile5 ESS battery’s efficient performance for a long time. 

Disadvantages of the Alpha Smile5 ESS

  • Limited warranty period: Compared to the other models on our list, the Smile5 ESS has the lowest warranty period, of only 5 years. 
  • Lower Depth of Discharge: With a DoD of 90%, this battery is on the lower average range of discharge levels compared to other models. In the long run, this could impact the lifespan of the Smile5 ESS. 

Interested in one of these batteries? Then your next step is to contact a reliable installer who can have it safely fitted in your home. Rather than looking for a professional on your own for hours on end, just click below, fill in our 30-second form, and we’ll put you in touch with up to 4 local installers. Our service is quick, easy, and completely free of charge!

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How did we choose the best solar batteries in the UK?

When compiling our list of the best solar batteries in the UK, we carefully considered several factors. These include:


Manufacturer reliability: Just like with solar panels, when choosing a solar battery, it’s important to look at the amount of experience that the manufacturer has with producing solar technology. All the manufacturers we listed above are well-established names that have contributed to innovations when it comes to solar energy solutions.


Price-quality ratio: Solar batteries aren’t cheap. Even though there are some solar panel grants that also offer funding for batteries, the costs can still be significant. So, to ensure that you can get a quality product without completely breaking the bank, we assessed the performance and durability of all the models in our list of the best solar batteries against their cost. We also chose batteries with a range of prices, in order to cater to different budgetary requirements.  

Storage capacity

Storage capacity: One of the key factors to consider when choosing a solar battery is its storage capacity, as this determines how much of the electricity your solar panels generate will be stored and available for use in your home. Above, we’ve listed batteries with a wide range of storage capacities, allowing you to get a glimpse of the solar battery size options available and which would be suitable for your situation. 


Efficiency levels: The importance of solar battery efficiency cannot be overstated. A battery with lower efficiency will lead to electricity loss, which affects how much energy you can use. In the long run, an inefficient solar battery will cost you money, as you might still need to rely on the electricity grid to power your home. 

Depth of discharge

Depth of discharge: DoD refers to how much of the energy stored by your solar battery can be used before it needs to be fully recharged again. What makes the models in our list the best solar battery storage options on the market is their high DoD percentages that allow you to enjoy energy storage and supply for longer. 


Warranty period: Warranties are important not only because they cover any damage to your solar battery, but also because their duration speaks to the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s long-lasting quality. With one exception, all the models we’ve mentioned have a standard 10-year warranty, giving you the peace of mind that your solar battery is covered for a long time. 

All the models we’ve listed above are well-balanced when it comes to all these criteria. This means that we only included solar batteries that are known to be reliable, long-lasting, and efficient to our list. 

Find installers for the best battery for solar panels near your household

If even after reading through this list of impressive models you’re still wondering: “Are solar panels a good investment if paired with a solar battery?” then it’s a good idea to consult a professional who can help you answer this question. With the right tailored advice, you can decide whether a solar battery is the right fit for your home. 

On the other hand, if you’ve already decided that you want to install one of the best solar batteries in the UK for your home, you’ll want to avoid overspending on it. Whether you’re just getting a solar battery or looking to minimise your battery and solar panel costs when installing a completely new system, the surest way to do so is by comparing multiple installers and their fees. 

However, carrying out this research on your own can drag on for days, with no guarantee that you’ll have found what you’re looking for after all the hassle. Thankfully, we’re here to help. We work with a broad network of solar battery installers and can connect you with them in no time. 

All you need to do is fill in our 30-second form and we’ll have up to 4 local installers reach out to you with free, non-binding quotes for their services. Then, just compare the information you receive, choose the installer you want to work with, and secure the best deal for your home. Click below to get started now! 

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