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Alejandro Staton Varela


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  • Renewable energy
  • Heat pumps
  • Boilers
  • Solar energy
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  • 20+ articles written
  • Work featured across 4 sites
  • Writing for Household Quotes since May 2023

About Alejandro

Alejandro began his journey at as an intern in April 2023. Over time, he has evolved into a proficient copywriter with expertise in renewable energy home appliances like solar panels and heat pumps. With a background in European and Global Affairs, Alejandro delved into topics such as the European Green Deal targets and their impact on promoting renewable energy in Europe, as well as the strategies for achieving carbon neutrality within the EU in the future. His passion for renewable energy emerged during his student days, especially focusing on energy policy.

As a law student, I've experienced the struggle of grasping complex topics firsthand. I believe that providing accessible, engaging, and clear information on intricate subjects is crucial. Creating informative content that is easy to comprehend about renewable energy is essential in the battle against climate change and in striving for carbon neutrality.

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