Home Rock Collecting Guide
Last updated: 15 November 2023

Home Rock Collecting Guide

Anybody with an interest in the Earth around us should consider rock collecting as a pastime. This hobby is a great excuse to get out into the fresh air in order to locate new additions to a collection, and it can be a cost-effective way to decorate a home with colorful ornaments.

Collecting Rocks – Basic Information

If you are looking to start a rock collection, you’ll first need to understand the basics of geology. There are a number of different sources online to help you with this.

Getting Started with a Rock Collection

Now that you have established why you should collect rocks as a hobby, it’s time to consider how. Building a rock collection isn’t as simple as just plucking random stones from a yard. You will be looking for eye-catching and unique stones to add to an assemblage.

  • Geology.com details all the legal implications of seeking and collecting rocks.
  • Boys’ Life has a simple guide to how to start a rock collection, which is perfect for younger enthusiasts. The American Museum of Natural History offers something similar, and equally child-friendly. You could also look into the suggestions laid out by Inspiration Laboratories for insights into rock collecting with kids.
  • Rock Painting 101 specializes more in the creative elements of what to do with rocks that you’ve found, but they also have a guide to getting started.
  • Rockhounding Arkansas breaks down some of the lingo associated with a rock collection to help a beginner understand.
  • iRocks is an invaluable resource, and they have a guide to getting started with a collection.
  • Hobbylark lists out some of the best rocks and minerals that can make up a collection.
  • McDougall Minerals is a Canadian seller of rocks and minerals, but they also provide seven essential tips to starting your own collection.

Tools Required for Rock Collecting

If you are going to take up rock collecting, you’ll need more than just a willing spirit and a basic knowledge of geology. You’ll also need certain tools of the trade.

  • Why Hunt Rocks? explains what clothing is ideal of rock hunting, and what tools you may wish to bring with you.
  • Collecting Rocks and Minerals has a detailed guide to all the equipment that will make rock hunting easier – and more fun.
  • Mama’s Minerals lists – and sells – the tools that any amateur rockhound will require. Amateur Geologist also suggests a shopping basket that will get anybody equipped for rock collecting.

Where to Find New Rocks for a Collection

There is no need to spend a small fortune on rocks from gift stores. One of the simplest pleasures of a rock collection is getting out and finding new additions. Just ensure that you are doing so safely, and legally.

  • Where to Find Rocks, as the name suggests, is a database of locations that rare and beautiful rocks can be found.
  • Gator Girl Rocks describes itself as America’s best rockhound resource, and the site does contain a state-by-state guide to suitable locations.
  • Smithsonian Magazine suggests five of the finest locations for rock hunting in the USA.
  • ThoughtCo has a guide to some of the best places to find rocks and minerals for your collection.

Storing and Displaying Rock Collections

Once you have built up a rock collection, you’ll be able to decorate and display them within the home. There are a number of different ways that you can turn rocks that were formerly laying around into cheap, aesthetically pleasing decorations.

  • Quarto Creates is a blog that offers advice on how to choose the ideal rocks for decoration, and how to paint them.
  • Apartment Therapy explains how a rock collection can be a chic addition to any modern condo.
  • Rock Seeker has a handful of suggestions on how to display rocks in common household jars.
  • The Fossil Cartel has bags of display ideas that you may not have thought of.
  • Mineraltown has suggestions as to how to build a cabinet that will house a rock collection.
  • Pinterest is never short of inspiration for rock collections!
  • Rock Tumbler provides instructions on how you can wear your rocks around your neck – why not make your own jewelry?

Other Uses for a Rock Collection

If you live in a small home, or you’re generally not interested in displaying a rock collection inside, you can still enjoy the hobby. There are a number of things that you can do around the home with a collection of rocks.

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